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We Produce Line, Cross, Dot and Circle Laser Products.

We produce industrial alignment, marking, positioning and marking lasers.

Cross Laser Marking

It is used in Screen Printing Machines, Transfer Printing Machines, Pad Printing Machines, Label Machines, Panel Fabric Cutting, Fabric Pattern Fastening, Octopus Printing Machines, Frequency Printing Machines, Interfacing Presses, Pocket Vending Machines and Production Lines in Many Sectors.

Dot Laser Marking

Textile Machines, Snap Machines, Rivet Machines, Button Machines, Buttonhole Machines, Industrial Cranes, Plasma Cutting Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, CNC Marble Machines, Metal Processing Machines, Printing Machines, Industrial Automation, Imaging Systems, Glass Processing Machines, Stone Processing Machines It is used in packaging machines and many sectors.

Circle Laser Marking

Wood is used in Industrial Cable Reel Construction, Industrial Cranes for Security Purposes, Circular Alignment and Markings, Circular Marking, and many areas and sectors where you may need circular shapes.

Line Laser

In Tree Cutting Machines, Log Trolley Sawing Machines, Wood Burning Machines, Wood Multiple Slitting Machines, Wood Length Cutting Machines, Plywood Sizing, Veneer Cutting Presses, Wood Prism Machines, Wood Tandem Cutting Machines.

Marble Cutting Machines, Marble Bridge Cutting Machines, Marble Side Cutting Machines, Marble Sizing Machines, Marble Wire Cutting Machines, Marble Este Cutting Machines, CNC Marble Processing Machines

In Textile Fabric Laying Tables, Pastry, Fabric Pattern Fastening, Needle Table, Ironing Presses, Pre-Pack Ironing, Apparure Machine, Flat Machine, Bridge Vending Machine, Printing Machines, High Frequency Machines, Label Machine, Sewing Machines, Conveyor Ironing Presses, Zipper Machine, Many areas requiring marking, marking and alignment are used in the industry.

Laser Marking and Alignment

In Tire Production, Tire Retreading Machines, Automotive Production Line, Glass Processing and Cutting Line, Ceramic Cutting Production and Baking Line, Marking and Alignment in White Goods Production, Industrial Imaging Systems, Automation Lines, Paint Marking and Advertising Lines, Security and Quality Control Units, In many areas and sectors where marking, alignment and marking are required,

Lazer Cnc

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